My Core Values

January 3, 2022

  • Productive curiosity

    I love learning and believe unexpected ideas come from the intersection from seemingly disparate fields. I also don't want my knowledge to sit in my head or on a lab bench and go stale. I aim to exteriorize them through writing and starting things.

  • Bias Towards Action

    "Action cures all". In face of ambiguity, it is easy to get paralyzed and think about things unproductively in an abstract way. Having a high sense of urgency often solves most, if not all of these problems. I also observe action gives you confidence, which in return creates a flywheel of motivation that causes you to take more action.

  • Truth-seeking

    In both scientific pursuit and in life. A professor used to tell me something that I resonate with strongly: "There is already some truth out there in the universe, and it is our job to discover them". Personally, I've seen myself and others around me grow the most in a short period of time through the feedback loop of candid, honest feedback.

  • Compassion and Kindness

    There is a near zero chance that I'd be who I am today without the support and kindness of those around me. Being kind is "profitable" - by being kind, you inspire others to be kind. The cascade of kindness can cause things to happen that wouldn't have happened otherwise, creating net positive value for the world.

  • Determination

    I don't like giving up on things.