Interesting Ideas

An non-exhaustive list of ideas I find interesting.

July 5, 2021

  • Mapping 3 trillion cells of the human body and enabling simulations for drug discovery.
  • Predicting cancer before it happens to increase survival rate 5-10X.
  • Prolonging health span and lifespan.
  • Distributed cloud infrastructure to connect diagnostic services from North America to developing countries. It's mind-blowing how many people still have to walk kilometers to the nearest hospital.
  • Verilog is a language used for describing digital systems like a network switch or microprocessor. There are many analogs between synthetic biology and low-level hardware. Can we use Verilog to code biological circuits?
  • Modular in-house robotics for common lab procedures.
  • Can we develop a CAD program for engineering proteins?
  • [And many more unrecorded ones]

If you are someone who is interested in and researched these areas, I'd love to learn from you! Shoot me an email at