Inpisring Potential in Loved Ones

January 3, 2022

I have a secret admiration for mothers.

For one, they sacrifice at least 1.5 years (15%) in their prime 20s and early 30s for child birth and early childcare. Once menopause kicks in, they experience all sorts of hormonal changes and cognitive decline that we don't really have good solutions for [1].

Many mothers have unrealized dreams. My mom is one of them.

She grew up in a small town in Binh Thuan, Vietnam. At 16, she moved to Saigon for better education and career opportunities. She gave birth to me at 25 and went on to work at a pharmaceutical companies for the next two decades. Over time, I realized her life decisions were more driven by survival needs and providing her kids with the best life possible. She had inklings of starting something of her own, but it was never actualized.

After seeing me start my first business, she was inspired and decided to take action. With more than 20+ years of experience and relationships, she understood intimately how archaic pharmaceutical products discovery and transportation is in Vietnam. Her employees would literally ride to individual pharmacies, trying to sell and display a catalogue of products. B2C marketplaces are emerging in Vietnam, but B2B marketplace in general, let alone in the pharmaceutical industry, is non-existent.

After spending 3 hours on Shopify, I helped her build an e-commerce store. The MVP has one product on the site, ready to launch to >800+ pharmacies in Vietnam.

As someone who's not technically proficient, she was able to use the site as a jumpstart for her business idea. It took me almost no effort to help her take the first step towards actualizing her dream.

Many of our parents have unrealized dreams. We don't notice them because we're busy working on ourselves, hoping to "change the world".

Little did we know changing the world can start with our loved ones by enabling them to become what they couldn't alone.


  1. My mother is a huge inspiration for me to look deeper into femtech. It fills me with both rage and wonder whenever I think about high-potential people like my mom who fall short of their potential because the sacrifices they make for their kids. I'm also scared that I would not be able to do the things I love because of changes in my body. Increasing reproductive flexibility seems like an important problem that's often overlooked but worth figuring out.