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I am a 17-year-old student who is passionate about genetic engineering, genomics, nanotechnology and machine learning. I constantly think about how these exponential technologies can merge to open new avenues for treating diseases, regenerating artificial tissues, and prolonging human life. I have been at multiple labs, shadowed and assisted graduates and PhD students in their projects, which span across various healthcare disciplines. Alongside my scientific endeavour, I am an avid advocate for inspiring and advancing women in sciences and technology.

  • Email : hannah.lgbhan@gmail.com
  • Location : Toronto, Canada
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Molecular Cloning, Genome Editing Techniques
Cell Culture Techniques
Design: Photoshop, Video/Photo Editing, CanDo (DNA Origami)
Business: Public Speaking, Content Curation, Leadership, Marketing

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May 2018

In May, I was grateful to have the opportunity to be on the panel with my Jodi Kotviz, CEO of #movethedial, and my close friend Tanisha Bassan to share our stories with 500+ students at TKSummit. We hoped to inspire young people to take risks, break through their confusion, and relentlessly pursue their passion. Further, I got the incredibly valuable chance to meet with the President of Microsoft Canada and gave a recommendation on how to scale Microsoft A.I. school for 50,000 Canadians.

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April 2018

April marks the summation of months of hard work at the TKS Showcase, where I gave a talk on the potential of CRISPR in expanding an organism's lifespan. I was very fortunate and excited to join the Davidson Lab, where we study the mechanism of Anti-CRISPR and bacteria-phage interactions. Also, my visits to Deep Genomics, Vectors, and JLABs were absolutely eye-opening! It has inspired me to look more into Machine Learning as a method to optimize CRISPR and discover new drugs.

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March 2018

I got the wonderful opportunity to intern at the Westwood Lab to study the the different stages in embryogenesis of fruitflies that require heat shock factors. By meeting with experts in regenerative medicine, like Dr. Milica Radisic & Dr. Penney Gilbert, I learned about how we can levereage the rejuvenating power of stem cells to treat diseases that affect billions of people worldwide. Further, I was sponsored to attend Microsoft Future A.I. conference and was blown away by how A.I. will disrupt every industry in years to come!

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